Feb 5th 2009

As my first midterms come to an end and my cold breaks(I was sick for a week, yuck), I begin to catch my breath. Life has been non-stop for the past three weeks. I am pleased to report A’s on my first exams. I am anxious for the next. With this new found energy, I look forward to progressing through this winter quarter with my head held high. I am often confused and in need of reassurance…sometimes I just want to hear, “you can do it, I know you can.” I fight with the thought of beginning so late, of not making it and just plainly, I fear failure. This is the one goal/challenge in my life that makes all my life struggles worth it. To one day be the doctor to women in third world countries, this is my dream. And I am feeling a little more confident today, in short.

This weekend I will be attending a conference held by Stanford Medical School for minority students. This conference should and will be a great source of motivation, but how much can motivation do to get me in that much wanted seat, in a prestigious medical school like UCSF?

What quickly brings me back to earth is the knowledge that I have only begun my journey. I have a long time before I can say I am qualified to be in medical school.

What is more important in academic success, emotional support or good schools?

I understand the real answer is probably a combination, right? I ask because I am considering the option of moving to Chicago to be with close friends who provide support. …

Good grades are important yes? Sounds like you had a very good first half of the quarter. Good for you. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling under the weather though. Hopefully that’s the only cold you’ll have to deal with for the rest of the winter. Good luck! and…“You can do it!”

You can do it Jakkic!!