Feel like a lottery winner!

Spent two very foggy hours with my tutor last night. I am still pretty sick. I stumbled on in to School today to take my Calculus Final. My professor looked at me and said, “I can’t let you take your final like this. Study hard, come take it at 2:00 next Tuesday. You have worked like a dog. Let’s see if we can make the B you already have into an A!!” I didn’t even put up a feeble argument. I left there, shaking my head, going “An A???” “Did she say an A???” I SWEAR the God that I believe in WORKS in my life. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

You go girl!! Woohoo! Hope you’re feeling better.

This is an example of a the rare university professor that “gets” it. good for him/her. Best of luck to you.