Feeling a little disconnected and surreal.....

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if anyone else out there is feeling a little surreal about his whole process. I have been fillin gout secondaries like crazy and every now and then look up from typing and try to imagine myself actually in class or studying or talking with a patient and I just can’t see it any more! NOt that I am losing my drive, but more like I am so deep into this application process that I can’t see the end. Is anyone else feeling this way? Is anyone else just getting anxious about the wait for the August MCAT scores?
Anyways I ended up applying to 41 schools, due to my undergrad gpa, and here is what has happened so far; flat out rejected by 5, have not heard from 2, on hold for mcat scores by 10 and 24 secondaries. I have filled out and sent in 12 so far. Obviously, I am hoping my mcat scores will come through half way decent and I can at least get some interviews. With the way I am feeling right now, I would be pretty happy with this application year with an interview.
Thaks for letting me vent,

I’m also feeling a bit disconnected… not in the same way though… I am VERY anxious about waiting for the August scores… as they should be out any second… You applied to SOOO many schools… I thought I did a lot. I haven’t amazingly so received any rejections yet… but have also only filled out 2 secondaries because of school and other stuff…
I don’t feel disconnected in that I can’t see myself working with patients… on the contrary… I see myself there a LOT easier than I see myself in a classroom… isn’t that odd?
I think the weird thing for me is that I am finally going to be “done” with my undergrad. What will I do? Where will I go everyday? What will I do with my time? How will I identify myself? It’s kind of scary. I’m also thinking… what if I have to implement “Plan B”? What will I do?
Anyway… you’re not alone, that’s all I meant to say.