Feeling the Stress

I’m not sure where this post should go so I’m putting it here LOL. Over this application cycle I have completed 3 DO secondaries and 6 MD secondaries. I have been invited to 2 DO interviews and 3 MD interviews, so far. I was accepted to both of the DO schools and the first MD interview was Oct 9th. I felt really strong coming out of the DO interviews and me feeling was connect. The MD interview was a University of Colorado (in my home state). I don’t feel bad about the interviews I just feel that I was not at my peak. I loved the school and the people there, the interviews both ran over time, but I don’t feel that my responses were as quality as the should have been. I’m seeking advice on how to not perseverate on this and just relax until I find out. I thought I would be fine going to a DO school but this interview has taught me that I would rather go to an MD school. I don’t know why, I have worked with both professionally and know that the education is equal.

Congrats on the acceptances thus far. I interviewed at CU and loved it there, so hopefully you find out good news from them soon.

I don’t know what to say that you don’t already know. You’re in and you have options, which is better than a lot of people who get one or no acceptances after the whole cycle. If nothing else, it should be a major stress relief that you know without a doubt you’re starting med school this coming summer. Now it’s just a matter of where. Keep the idea of others schools in your mind but don’t think about the what ifs that you can’t do anything about, especially since the interview already happened (or haven’t happened yet).

take a breath. Realize that you are set for the rest of the year. If you would like, you can just cancel any other interviews since you already have two acceptances that way another candidate can have the chance. Make a list of the pros and the cons of each school and picture yourself at either school for the next 4 years. If your heart is telling you MD, then go that route. there is nothing wrong with that. If you would like, call the school and see if you can take a second look and talk with some of the students. They want you. You now have the advantage.

Sorry I’m so slow to respond. I have been very busy with work. Thank you both for the positive words of encouragement.