Final Grades

Average for ochem final was 59.5%, I got a 70%.

Final grade in ochem: B

Final grade in biology: A

Not sure if I should continue. Overall post-bacc GPA is 3.56. That does not say “WOW!!” but “eh, average” especially for a premed.

Yes, I could continue on next semester, having learned what I was doing wrong all semester in ochem (studying hard all weekend, every weekend but doing nothing during the week). Yes, I am fairly confident I could do well in biochem (I had the professor before and he’s surprised when I don’t pull straight A’s) and I could do well in physio and the next biology class from the same professor (evolution so not really a bio class per se, just carries that course title)…

So, not sure what to do.

I lose $22,000 a semester doing this between lost income and payment of tuition.

After all I’ve been through and all I’ve overcome; I thought I’d be able to nail this semester.

Truly at a loss right now.

I know what it feels like not to “nail a semester” or a “goal”. Ochem is difficult; you achieved a “B”. And Biology, well, you got an “A”. Focus on the positives from the semester.

Also, check out stats - a 3.5 sGPA and a solid MCAT score will make you competitive (that is, if all things are equal with your application) for any medical school.

If you had a below a 3.0 overall or had earned “C’s” in your classes, then you might want to do an overhaul. Otherwise, enjoy your grades from the semester.


I think the back to back semesters of Ochem are very difficult for the majority of premed students to handle. Seems like that’s a place where the premed GPA may take a collective dip. Keep your head up, that class doesn’t have a reputation for nothing!! We could add that metric to the Low GPA thread–“6.)Orgo grade(s)”

That’s just another reason why ye olde MCAT can be your amigo. Plus you’ve got the next semester.

Just keep your head down and stay focused on you! Good luck.

Thank you, TJJ.

My overall, from 26 years ago, is 2.196. Death of my child from SIDS notwithstanding, it was my lack of maturity that led to me being pregnant in the first place. I had been kicked out of my university 5x, and only because of my board positions as a student to the university president, regents, and chancellor, did I ever even graduate. Basically, the quorum got together and figured out how to use what I had taken to give me a degree, and get me out of school.

My career took off. I ended up as VP of internal audit for a $1B company. Built and led multi-national teams, led multi-national projects, implemented; volunteered in my community; developed inner city pack-n-sacks for starving kids within the major metro; etc. Then I reported my employer for financial fraud, and my life changed.

My overall GPA now is whatever my sGPA is: 3.56 at this point.

I’d hoped an A or A- in ochem would show I can compete. A “B” in my mind does not do that.

I have two B’s and an A- in my post-bacc, and have 5 acceptances and waiting to hear back from another school out of 7 interviews.

  • BaileyPup Said:
I have two B's and an A- in my post-bacc, and have 5 acceptances and waiting to hear back from another school out of 7 interviews.

Jesus?! What did you do? Save a small African village from genocide???