Finally a interview but I lose one way or other!

I have been on this board for a while and have been happy for all the people here who have had success. I sympathise with all that have to try again next year.
Congratulations again to Meowmix.
I thought I would go another year with out an Interview but the gods seem to think differently. I have an interview with AECOM. Great. Only I cannot go if I got an acceptance (a BIG IF at that).
My ex lives in Ohio, Cleveland and we have a 2yr old. So as it looks I have to go to NY and loose time with my 2yr old. I can do nothing but brood over this??
This is disheartning! Has any of you lived away from your child during Med school?
Child specialists???

Hi there,
Is it possible for you to attend the interview, accept the acceptance and defer for one year while you work out the logistics with your ex so that you can see your child and attend medical school? An extra year to broker some kind of an arrangement so that you can be a better provider for your child might be in the best interests for you and your ex so that they might be willing to meet you halfway on this one. See what you can negotiate and congratulations on the interview. See if you can present this as a Win-Win proposition for your ex.

… and I realize this is probably stating the glaringly obvious, but you participate in the interview and DO NOT mention this concern or the possibility that you’ll be asking for deferment until after you’ve received an acceptance. You certainly can ask questions about students with kids, local day care, or other stuff you’d be interested in, but keep all those other cards hidden.
There was someone last year, I forget if it was here or on, whose request for a deferment was actually turned down. Don’t finalize an acceptance until you’ve concluded a deferment conversation to your satisfaction.