Finally feel like a REAL premed

Well now with Physics II behind me and upcoming Gen Chem I and II this summer, I finally feel like this is really happening… not to mention I made an A !! Woot!! …

Congratulations on the A! I was so happy to be done with Physics II and start Chemistry too. I love Chemistry and I hope that you enjoy the classes.

It is a nice feeling to know that you can get those As in the premed classes. It really is a big confidence booster.

Congratulations on the A!

I noticed in your signature that you hope to matriculate in 2013. I too would like this to be my matriculation date. If you are willing, I would be very interested in seeing what your class schedule has/will be leading up to 2013. I am doing post-bac work beginning this summer and am really interested in seeing other people’s paths to matriculation. Are you doing post-bac work? This is my first time communicating on this wonderful site…probably obvious, but thanks for considering!

Actually I need to change that year from 2013 to 2012. But my schedule is now as the following: Gen Chem I and II this summer; Orgo I this Fall then Orgo II Spring 2011 along with taking a prep course. I plan to take the MCAT June 2011 and apply after I recieve my scores in July 2011. Of course during the Spring I will wrap up getting the LORS and submitting necessary application requirements at the same time to TMDSAS. My plans are to matriculate actually 2012. Yes this is one Wild ride for sure!!

Sounds like a plan. I also will be applying to the TMDSAS. It sounds like you will be taking your final classes of pre-req leading up to the MCAT exam. I too will plan to do this. Any tips?

Well my study plan for the MCAT starts now. I plan to review Physics starting in June for the next 14 weeks along with taking the Chem courses. The last 14 weeks of the year I will be brushing up on Biology (it has been many, many years since I took Microbiology, Anat & Physio, Gen Biology). So by Jan of next year as I am completing Orgo II, when I start the prep course I will focus mainly on practice MCAT tests taking as many as possible and touch up on my weak spots based on how I do on the practice tests. To prepare for the verbal and writing sections of the MCAT I went to the AMCAS Website and printed off list of tips to prepare in these areas.

I too am aiming for 2013 matriculation. I work full-time so it will likely take me longer than most. My time line looks as follows:

Summer 2009

Introduction to Human Physiology

Fall 2009


Spring 2010

Physics I

General Chemistry I

Summer 2010

Beginner Spanish

Fall 2010

Physics II

General Chemistry II

General Chemistry Laboratory II

Spring 2011

Organic Chemistry I

General Biology I

Summer 2011

Attend MCAT prep course and register for the test

Fall 2011

Organic Chemistry II

General Biology II

Spring 2012

Take January 2012 MCAT

Start AMCAS application process

Summer 2012

Complete secondary applications

Fall 2012

October 1 Deadline for Application

Spring 2013

Complete Interviews

Summer 2013

Matriculate in medical school

This schedule looks very similar to my hopeful plan. However, I plan to take 2 or 3 courses during the Summer of 2011. Does this sound like a good idea? I too work full-time and will take night classes at the university where I am employed–yeesh. I will post my schedule of classes and see what you all think.

Wow, that sounds awfully ambitious. The accelerated summer class schedule can be very grueling… While working full-time, I wouldn’t attempt more than 1 course in a summer. But, then again, my typical work week is generally 50-60 hrs and I need to spend my summer weekends enjoying the outdoors. However, that’s me… If you think you can hack it, go for it. But I suggest you first attempt a heavy course load (e.g. 3 classes) during the regular semester and see how it goes before attempting 2+ classes during the summer.

Here is my schedule “du jour”. This has been changing as I continue my research…but here is the plan I am proposing to a pre-med advisor. This is being done working full time and with the summer’s “off” from work, so I can devote even more time.

Summer 2010

Bio I

Fall 2010


Chem I

Spring 2011

Physics I

Chem II

Summer 2011

Org I

Bio II

Fall 2011

Physics II

Org II

Spring 2012

Study for MCAT/tie up loose ends

Do you see any holes? I just drafted this earlier this week.

Thanks for any help!!!