(Finally) Starting Out

I’ve been lurking around here for quite some time and have finally decided to post. Just yesterday I got my letter of acceptance to a new postbac program at one of Penn State’s smaller campuses, and I will be starting in April. This all is much more real now that I have completed step 1, and it marks an important point, so I decided to celebrate it by finally posting here in what appears to me to be a great forum.

My story is quite similar to many I have read here before: late academic bloomer, have worked on the periphery of medicine for 10+ years, now an older (40 this month) and much wiser individual than when I was 20, 3 kids and a great postbaccaluareate career in pharmaceutical research.

The program I am enrolling in is new, an accelerated program lastung 1 calendar year that will allow me to upgrade my undergrad BPM signficantly (BS in Microbiology with an undergrad 2.8), and by the time I am finished I will be ready to take the MCAT.

I have done quite a bit since my undergraduate years, including completing an MPH with a 3.9, working on clinical trials and getting published with authorship in several journals including American Heart Journal, Lancet, Journal of American College of Cardiology… worked with a nonprofit agency that provides free health care to underinsured by doing a utilization review for them… amongst some other things while raising a family and working, so I have spent my time well, or at least I think I have.

Just wondering what exactly all of my postgarduate “extracurriculars” will bring to the table as a 41 year old applicant with an admittedly substandard undergrad performance… which I hope to remedy with a 4.0 postbac. Medicine has always been a dream of mine but now I am ready with a supportive family to make it a reality.

I sort of feel like I was a bit late getting to the party but apparently I’ve got lots of company! Looking forward to corresponding with others on the same bus.

You’ve got a great background and I would just advise you to avoid making the common mistake of rushing your post-bacc work. If you are absolutely certain of that 4.0 then more power to you, but when you’ve been out of school for a few years it’s often better to test the waters with one class than to plunge into a full time program that may not serve your needs. Anyway, best of luck and keep us informed of your progress!