Finals are done! (for me anyway)

It was a rather dreadful first semester back in school. But I’m glad it is at least temporarily over until the next semester begins. Passed all of my classes where some grades are definitely better than others.

Now I know what needs to be done the next time around to get all A’s. I’m not sure if taking 2 science courses and a math course plus an elective in one semester is wise but I believe I’m building academic stamina. I think I will be able to handle an even bigger load in the future.

I’m done with Anatomy, Pre-calculus, Medical Terminology and Health Sciences. I’ll be taking Physiology or maybe A&P, Calculus, Intro to Chem, and Micro-Biology in the Spring. I might drop one of those courses though as it might be too much to handle. Anyway, how is everyone else doing with finals?


Just took my first final this morning (went really well) … two more exams and two more lab reports to go.

Congrats on finishing up the semester, Cliff!

Thank you Terra, and Good Luck! but you won’t need it because you’re going to nail it!

Way to go, guys!! I just finished my last exam (organic I) tonight–couldn’t be happier!!! It feels SO good to have a month to recharge before my last semester of pre-reqs!

I went through volunteer orientation this morning to volunteer in the NICU of one of my company’s hospitals, and I’m going to study for the MCAT every day… so much for resting, right? At least it will be a different kind of distraction!!

Happy holidays, and enjoy the break! You deserve it!

Hey all!

I actually finished last week; it has been a learning curve this semester. I took G. Chem and G. Bio (both with labs) and Pre-Calc. Luckily, I will have the same schedule in the fall. Except, I will have Calculus (no more math after Spring!)

I am glad the semester is over and won’t mention my school’s name until Jan 9th This will be the last week that I work on something related to the health field. I am applying for two summer internships (I already finished one application-FINALLY!)

Have a great break and do something fun!

Congratulations to everyone free from school for a few weeks/month. Get rested, and have a little fun!!!