financial aid award

Judy and Emergency!-

Thank you both for your comments!! You both gave me hope to not give up!! I will call my previous medical school. Ideally, this would be the place I would like to return. I am also interested in the National Health Sevice Corps in helping me repay back some of my debt.



I have no way of predicting or even guessing at how this will progress for you, but I cannot imagine anyone “laughing at you”. If you left in good standing for the reasons you have stated, if you encounter someone who does laugh or criticize you, then you need to seriously consider pursuing your application to that program. If a program lacks fundamental understanding for personal crisis, then I would perceive that as a redflag - on their part & not yours.

That said, you should fully expect additional scrutiny both of your application & during your interviews. They will expect you to be able to articulate & defend your decisions to withdraw 10 years ago and they have a right to know. The last thing they want is to readmit you & risk your leaving again. However, if you were qualified then & demonstrated satisfactory academic progress & you can reassure them you will not leave again - that lowers your ‘risk of failure’ profile making you a more attractive candidate.

I get the feeling from you prior posts that somehow you feel ashamed or guilty for your previous withdrawal. If I am wrong, please forgive the error. However, and this will be easier said than done, you must get past this perception. If you appear apologetic, remorseful or guilt-ridden in your application when addressing this issue, it could potentially undermine the rationality of your explanation & cause the AdComs suspect there is more than is being revealed. OTOH, if you present yourself as confident & as taking ownership/responsibility for the previous withdrawal and demonstrate that dealing with the situation caused you to grow & mature - then this previously potentially detrimental aspect of your application can be crafted into a strength.

Long & short of it all, I would strongly recommend that you schedule appointments, in-person meetings, with the financial aid people & an admissions official, preferably the Dean of Admissions & not a secretary, at your former med school. Take this bull by the horns & demonstrate clearly that you are more mature & damned serious about returning to med school. They can answer your questions or refer you to sources who can. And, it would be a fantastic opportunity to begin a networking relationship with your former school. Build upon this in a positive manner & you may just show them how strong a candidate you are + the knowledge of your academic success 10yrs ago may just equal a readmission.

It is all in how you perceive things. It is ALL about internalizing your locus of control. No one has any more control over you than you allow them to have.

Thank you for you comments! I do plan on scheduling s meeting with my former school to explain my intentions.


I understand your worries; I think all of us are looking at those debt $$$ and cringing. I just hope that you pursue every possible option to follow your dream before abandoning it. You sound like an amazing person, and you would be a credit to the medical profession. Don’t give up until the draft you screaming out the door–and then fight your way back in!