Financial problems with second degree vs. Community college courses

I have a B.S degree in business administration and would like to fulfill my science prerequisite courses to help prep for the mcat and to apply to medical school. I thought that getting a second degree might boost my GPA from a 2.71 to at least a 3.2 or higher. I got excepted to ECU as a second degree seeking student. I decided on majoring in biochem. I moved here and just found out that financial aid was almost 3,000 dollars short of tuition cost. I can not afford that so I visited the medical school here and they said I could take my pre reqs at a community college as long as they are transferrable to a 4 year university. I then applied and got in and it is about a quarter of the cost of ECU. I believe this is the best route, but I keep hearing a lot of other people say that community college is not the right place to fulfill pre reqs. Any thoughts?