Financing education and supporting family

Hi, everyone. I’m finishing up my premeds this year and am finding that the remaining hurdle to attending med school is how best to support my family while in school. I am married and we have a 5 mo. old baby. I’d like to find a way to have enough $$ for living expenses that my wife would not have to work full-time so that she could spend more time with our son. My understanding is that financial aid only contributes around $12,000 toward living expenses. Any other suggestions for additional financial support?
Also, I have worked a 6 hour/week job as a church music director. The additional income from this job would go a long way to help support us during med school. Is it unreasonable to think of keeping this job during school? Thanks, this is a terrific site!

I didn’t think you were allowed to work when you are in med school.
I wish I could help about the money. I would suggest talking to the financial aid dept of the school you will attend and asking them about additional loans. I seem to remember hearing a talk done by a director of financial aid and she said there was always money out there for us to use. Loans that would have to be paid back, but money now.
Good luck with your pre-med classes this year.

Honestly, I don’t think medical schools can restrict/prohibit you from working. However, effectively, your ability to do so will be drastically limited by your schoolwork & long-hour commitment. Believe me, no matter how smart you are or how quick a learner you are…med school will be a massive & challenging undertaking. So far, the only people I know who were able to work had jobs w/ immense levels of flexibility, as in free-lance consulting & the like…and those people, like you, did so out of necessity.
The money game…well, it is a long & complex story that involves lg quantities of lending/borrowing. However, before you lament - it is do-able…many many many people have made it through med school w/ far more than 1 or even 2 kids. One of my classmates had #6 during our second year and I had several with 2, 3 or 4 children. It is all about balancing obligations, necessities & luxuries.

Regarding supporting a family, I was wondering the same thing; is it typical for a med student with a spouse and child to get health insurance coverage and at least enough loans above and beyond tuition to cover things like the rent and car insurance?
My wife is worried about finances especially if she has to quit her job to raise our (upcoming) child while I sort of disappear for 4-6 years.

I think most people manage to get by with the financial aid package the schools offer even with a family, but there’s plenty of private loans out there to help too if you need more than what the school is offering. That’s why having decent credit is soo important.
I don’t have and won’t have a family thankfully to support as well, but I’ll be very happy to survive on 12k for living expenses vs. the $6500 or so I’m currently allotted for ugrad lol.
Plenty of med students manage it with families so I’m sure all of you will be able to work it out. Good luck to y’all!
–Jessica, UCCS