Finding a Doctor to shadow with?... one like us

I’m applying soon for the class of 2012. I’ve done plenty of volunteering and a little shadowing, but I’m looking to find a doctor (in any expertise) locally that was also a non-traditional old premed. I think it would be very nice to spend time with someone who took the non-traditional path and started med-school at a later age. Has anyone had any success in finding a physician like this? There obviously is no directory to find someone, but I’m curious if anyone has some tips. Thanks!

Hm … I came across one just by chance. Haven’t shadowed her yet, but am hoping to. In my case, it was an MD one of my family members works with. Aside from a situation like that (which was just plain lucky), I think it’s a matter of asking around. If you’ve done some volunteering and been in contact with physicians, you could ask them, perhaps, if they know of anyone who was a non-trad? Or ask the physicians you have shadowed if they know anyone? Those are my thoughts. Best wishes!