Finding a Place to Live

Hi All,

I’m seriously…very seriously…considering taking courses at Harvard Extension School. However, I live very far from Boston/Cambridge.

I know that the Cambridge area can be expensive, but I am willing to live cheaply–provided that I am close enough to get to and from classes.

That being said, is anyone aware of inexpensive housing near or close enough to Harvard Extension School? I really want to be able to attend class in person.

Any help is more than welcome.


The Allston/Brighton neighborhood is pretty close to Cambridge, and much cheaper. You can bike to Harvard pretty quickly (or there are a number of bus lines that run between the neighborhoods).

Also, check with the Quaker Meeting House in Harvard Square (and maybe some of the other big churches in the area) – I have a friend who used to live there rent free in exchange for a few hours of cleaning a week (she’s atheist, so you don’t have to be a Quaker to live there). Haley House in Back Bay has a similar set-up, a few hours of volunteering in their soup kitchen/bakery in exchange for free rent (they have a really nice, very artsy group of people who live there).

Good luck!

Cool, wow! That’s perfect.

Do you have the exact links/numbers to these places? If not I can google.