Finding Sympathetic Souls

Is there any sort of list or compilation of Docs that have been here that may be sympathetic to our plights and may be open to shadowing experiences? Obviously logistics would be tricky but it may help one or two of us get lucky?

In my experience, many doctors are open to being shadowed if approached in a good way. A respectful letter, a phone-call inquiring if doctors have non-patient office hours in which you could speak to them, or similar methods are appropriate. Consider asking your family doctor if he/she would be willing to let you shadow, or has any colleagues that let students shadow. An introduction from someone else on your behalf is an excellent avenue (and was the source of my own fairly extensive shadowing experience).

Back when I was running my university’s pre-med society, I instituted a program in which we maintained a list of doctors who would be willing to have university students shadow them. If you have access to such a society/club, then see if anything like that exists. If not, volunteer to start it!

Above all else, be pro-active in your pre-med preparation. It’s almost shocking how many things fall into your lap just for the asking! Good luck.