First Day of Class

Well, I had my first class today - basic chemistry. I’ll have intro to biology tonight and pre-cal tomorrow. My chem prof seems pretty awesome, but I felt so dumb when he started talking about stuff and I knew nothing. However, I’m cautiously optimistic. It’s still early, so I suppose things could go downhill from here, but my toddlers seem happy in their school, my husband is supportive, and everything is kind of looking up. Yay?

rachel -

All I can suggest is seeing what the readings are for the lectures and trying to read them beforehand. Then you can bring any questions about them to the lecture, plus the lecture will prob. make more sense.


Reading the chapters before lecture was definitely the most helpful thing I did for myself across my first year of post-bacc. I found staying ahead of the material allowed me to retain more. My tactic was to read the chapter before class, with some basic note taking, and then use the lecture to identify which concepts I should hone in on in greater depth. Definitely helped me keep up those A’s!