First day of prereqs...starts tonight!

This is going to be a bit strange…

[just had to get that out there]

Keep us posted on your progress!! I start next Monday… 8 classes to go, 6 before taking MCAT next August ~ YEAH!!!

How did it go? I start next Wednesday.

Starting fresh has always been a bit of a difficulty. Mostly because in the classes that we have here at OPM we go from 0-60 in no time. lol, I can totally empathize with how you feel right about now. I start next week…

Haha, well I was late by a few minutes to my first day (great start right?) but didn’t miss any material (just syllabus distribution, etc)

I am taking a one semester A&P class, which is mostly filled with nursing students and EMT’s. Unfortunately, no Gen. Bio or Gen. Chem classes were not offered at night this semester, but they will be next semester based on historical schedules. I work full time and have a few other things going on, so I figured this is a good way to get my feet wet.

It felt strange being back in a classroom, especially at a community college (I myself went to a cc before going to a university), and I was giving myself many excuses not to go, but I am glad I at least went to day 1. It should be easier to go to day 2 haha

Long journey ahead, but I think my signature says it all

Good luck to everyone starting out this fall! Just breathe, and take it one class at a time. You got this!!

So I went to my second session of my class today. I am bored out of my mind in that class. I’ve watched about 1/3 of the Integrative Biology 131 lectures on YouTube from UC Berkely, so a lot of the intro material in this class is familiar to me and hence my boredom (plus a mediocre professor). I feel almost like I am in high school again…

A part of me wants to drop the class, get my money back, and do better things with my time (A&P isn’t required for med schools, esp an intro level one). On the other hand, this is giving me some sort of structure and forcing me to be accountable. Any advice or similar experiences?


I have similar experiences…I had to take Bio I and II to make up my foreign undergraduate degree, but I have a PhD in biological sciences. I was pretty bored as predicted. However, taking extra classes is a chance to show adcom that we possess the endurance and persistence required for med school. Also, it is a chance to bump up GPA, if that is an issue. Personally, I would stay with the course and make sure to get an A in the class.

Hi there,

I am certainly no fountain of post bacc wisdom but If it were me I would stay in the class.

Like you said getting back into the swing of things is a good thing, I know my study skills were in need of some serious fine tuning when I first started.

Not to mention if the class is really redundant it might be an easy A and I can’t imagine that would be a bad thing to kick off your post bacc gpa : )

Thanks for the encouragement you two! A gpa boost can never hurt, and it will force me to adjust back to “school mode”