first post + accountability partner wanted

dear opium’s

its great to go from lurking to writing my first post.

i went through my pre-reqs well, took some upper div classes, and then in my last semester i got sick near finals and got some incompletes.

i would like to team up with an accountability partner to get those incompletes finished. i have been finding it near impossible to stay on track with them without structure and deadlines. if i can share my daily/weekly goals with someone who would do the same, perhaps we could keep each other on track.

any alternative suggestions are welcome too.

thank you!

Hey DoctorG. I had a similar idea for accountability but I think I’m going to do it through a YouTube channel. You might try something similar like a blog (if you’re not into the video thing).

Great idea. I’d be happy to be your accountability partner. If you’re interested, let’s chat and see if we can hammer something out.

thanks DonAtreides, spoxjox

youtube sounds downright scary. where’s your page. would be fun to see.

spoxjox, wrote to you. not sure how chat works.

I just filmed my first video blog entry last night but I didn’t have time to edit it yet. It should be up tonight. I’ll post a link once it is.

Here’s the first video of the blog:


that’s terrific. Very cool.

nice. good luck!