First time on the boards

Hi everyone - I’m thinking of perhaps going to medical school, though I’m not totally sure yet. I’m currently a PhD graduate student in Political Science at Stanford, with a focus on Health and Politics (I focus on the political economy of AIDS). I’m also working on a Master’s in Economics while I’m here.
My GPA as an undergrad was decent (the first year was not too great, but I did very well for the other three), but I’m hoping to make up for some of it when I start doing the science requirments (I already did my English and Math ones).
I suppose I have a fair amount of research experience having been a research intern in a public health center at Baylor, in the AIDS and Society Research Unit at University of Cape Town and some papers on some health issues.
I’m thinking that I might take a year off the poli sci program to do one of the post-baccalaureate programs. I’m 24 right now, but would probably start applying much later (I want to finish the PhD). Any words of wisdom? Am I too far off base to be a good candidate? Is 28 too old for medical school?
Anyway, whatever advice that you all have to offer on how to go about doing things would be greatly appreciated! I know a bit about Public Health and Health Economics so I’d be happy to try to answer questions about that. Take care all!

I’ll just let my .sig answer your question about age… spend some time on our archives and you’ll get a wealth of information!

That’s a great story. It takes a lot to go after a dream like that. Thanks for putting that up.

First off, welcome! You have come to the right place. The folks here are some of the best people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing.
The only piece of advice I can give you is one that I was given by OPMer’s four years ago. . .This is a marathon, not a sprint. If you try to hurry the process, you will burn out.
BTW, your experiences sound very impressive.