Ok, I had the afternoon off today, so I spent some time entering in all my courses into spreadsheets for:
undergrad GPA
Grad Gpa
and here’s what I come up with:
UG GPA: 3.451
BCMP GPA: 3.35
Grad GPA 3.83
This is provided I get A’s in Orgo and Physics, which I have yet to take. My last 30 or so hours of pre-reqs and science have been 3.9999999999999, and my grad gpa is most recent next to my “post-bac” pre-req grades.
So, I thought I would drop a line to see if anyone can give me a clearer picture about what this looks like to them. My gut tells me I’m still ok, but of course the number worry me as I gaze upon profiles of the young, gunner pre-med. Of course there are/were significant variables to a lower freshman/sophomore GPA (cancer), but looking at my transcripts, there is an obvious upward swing.
Thanks to anyone who can comment on this, and you can PM me if you have any personal suggestions.

Good God, are you really serious that you see any problem at all with this? Do you have your heart set on Harvard or something? Your GPA is friggin’ awesome. Yeah, there’s of course always going to be K-through-Med students who have a higher GPA than that, and have to, as they have no life experience to bounce against. It all balances out. At any rate, I wish I had anything close to your UGrad GPA, and you have a great Grad GPA to boot. I don’t see how you could feel insecure about those grades at all. Nice job, BTW.


That’s what I get for spending too much time on SDN, I think. I remember when I first joined putting my stats out there for advice, but wasn’t sure about what my grades would be as the process went on. Now I know and wanted to follow up with that.
Thanks for responding Sam.
Oh, and some have PM’d me their e-mail address for a copy of the spreadsheet to do their own calculations - I’d be happy to pass it on, just PM me.

Also, one more question - I had a set of stats courses in grad school, and they were both interdepartmental courses labeled Quantitative Methods I/II at a 600-level (stats courses for a Ph.D.)
Would AMCAS consider these ok for a stats requirement and part of BCMP (or should I just ask them?)

To help you put gpa’s into perspective, the average RANGE of undergrad gpa’s nationally for matriculating med students is 3.2-4.0. The midpoint of this range for matriculating med students (national average) is 3.6 across the board (bcpm, ao, and cumulative).

I knew I would be lower than the average, but it’s nice to be in the range.