food for thought

I don’t know why in the past I didn’t see things in a more positive manner but now I know that taking classes is learning and growing experience. Like so many of you I am hoping for encouragement of some kind when I post here. We as a people need to obtain mindfulness that our thoughts and dreams are rational. I read one post a minute ago that was completely meant to encourage and it ended up leading me to question more my own abilities and perceptions because it was so nicely written and took a direction I would not have chosen.

One thought I have for anyone just returning and beginning basic science classes or those famous premed classes is to review that portion of the MCAT at the time you take the class. It is very important to not underestimate the value of those first few classes. I have had many classes such as health assessment, anatomy and physiology one and two. Patho physiology one and two, and Advanced patho, Microbiology and blah blah. The one thing about all of these classes is the importance of the foundation of the sciences. I know this because somehow I skipped those basics. I didn’t take a basic Biology class, nor did I take a basic Chemistry class and looking back I know I could have done better if I had.

Most of my classes turned out very good as I got my momentum up but those first few. I was always (like most of my classmates) saying this is stupid, we will never use it and so on. Well it is not true except for Algebra because there are only a few computations one uses in daily practice. I can’t comment on physics because I never had it either.

Many on this site have said showing up is half the battle the other half is your attitude.

While I agree attitude is important I think self esteem or self worth is something all of us must examine if we are to accomplish our goals.

That being said I paid my money to retake a simple Anatomy and Physiology I class I got a C in about ten years ago. That is my starting block on this amazing journey of being able to practice medicine someday. I can write scripts under protocols and have my own DEA # but what I do is not medicine and I wont give up until I am a physician able to practice medicine!

Doc Hollywood, I have to say that what you said about self-esteem is dead on for me personally. My whole life until recently has been about accepting my shortcomings. One day I realized I was worth more than I had ever known, and every day since then I surprise myself with the things I accomplish.

I will worry about a math test for example, and then I’ll give it everything I’ve got, study for a week, and believe in myself, and I get the test back and I’ve received a 100%. This seems to be the trend lately with the things I attempt. I am learning that I am not stupid, that I am capable of anything. I am mindful of the bumps in the road, but I know with all of my being that I will keep walking the road and nothing is going to stop me.

11 months ago when I began my journey to become a doctor, I thought it was because I had finally found myself. The truth is I am actually finding myself a little bit everyday on this marathon to becoming a doctor, and I am sure this adventure will continue for the rest of my life. I hope that everyone out there is trying to find a little light in their journey, trying to see the life they are living and the value in it each day, and not just looking so far into the future that you miss it. The thing is that I will always know that I am being the best me I can be because I am on the right road, and nothing can take that away from me.