For pre-meds who already work in the medical field

I’m a technologist at a cancer diagnostics lab, and was hoping to get some input from those of you who already hold jobs in the medical field while you are applying to med schools. Do you feel that your present jobs gave you some slight advantage in the admissions process? How were/are you able to present your job in the most meaningful way to adcoms, so that they see you as someone who might have a better understanding of the practice of medicine than someone fresh from undergrad?
Also I have read that it is advisable to “shadow” a doctor to demonstrate you have some clinical experience. Is this additional exposure necessary for those of us who already work in a medical setting? On top of studying for oragnic chemistry, physics, the MCAT and holding down a demanding full time job, it would be impossible for me to do any volunteer work at this point. Thats why I was hoping to include my present work as an example of clinical experience.
Any comments from people who are in this position (technicians, nurses, etc) would be greatly appreciated.

I feel that you do have an advantage if you already work in the health care prof. This is experience so I wouldn’t worry about more clinical volunteer jobs. But, does your job let you interact with paitients? If not, I would try to find something where you can have direct patient contact. I think it is helpful to med schools to see that you have been around sick people and still want to be a doctor.
During my 3 years at the free health clinic, we had a number of volunteers that went through and realized they hated being around sick people and didn’t want to be doctors. Better to find out before you waste thousands and thousands of dollars and many years of your life in med school.