For the love of God it is nighttime!!!

There is a bird in my tree that insists on singing, loudly, from 11pm-1am!!! I have not been able to fall asleep unless my windows are shut leading to a warm room and thus not a good sleep!!!
Aren’t birds supposed to sing during the day!! Not to mention, Rocky Racoon leaving my trash everywhere in the morning.
YEah, I love nature

Silicon wax earplugs are my favorite. We used to have crows in our neighborhood.

Definitely go with the silicon ones, not the little foam thingies.
I spent two weeks in Europe last year with two friends- who did NOT tell me until after we got to London that one of them snores like a freight train from the second she falls asleep until the second just before she wakes. Every night. They had each brought me a supply of earplugs.
Those things saved my life.