For those of you with children

Did any of you mention your children in your application (especially if it adds to your narrative of why you wanted to become a doctor)?

My wife was pregnant during my application cycle and I think I mentioned it in some secondary applications. It definitely came up in interviews. Your kids will already be listed on your application as dependents, so you can’t “hide” them. Include it in your PS if it influenced your “why medicine.”

I also mentioned it in my secondary essays (specifically for questions about how I would add to the diversity of the school; and any extracurriculars I’m involved with).

I was very upfront about my son in both my application and my interviews because I figured that I didn’t want to be at a school that wouldn’t be supportive of students who were also parents! One of the main reasons why I chose the school I’m at is because they were tremendously supportive, and went above and beyond to accommodate me and my family throughout the whole application process.

This came up in all of my interviews. I even showed pictures of them to some. I even remember a question during an interview :“what is the achievement of which you are the most proud of”. I answered even without thinking at all :“Oh, my 2 kids…” Big laughs. I was accepted at all places where I interviewed, which was a surprise because I interview so poorly, as far as jobs were concerned.

Anyway, don’t hesitate to mention your kids, but I would also be careful with that. Do it in a way that fits your overall application. Kids are not needed to be a physician, kids can even be a “hindrance” (time, money, distractions…) so be prepared to be challenged on the issue.

Family problems can have a serious impact on your studies. So make sure you have all your ducks in a row so to speak and be prepared to tackle any difficult scenario.

Good luck.

I listed being a mother as one of my most meaningful experiences. I have five children, ranging from ages 10 to 23. My oldest is a type one diabetic and my youngest has dyslexia and a central auditory processing disorder. I have learned so much about what is important and how to understand people that this really has been my most meaningful experience. I wrote about my experiences with them in my secondaries. Just laid it out there. Don’t really know how AdComs will regard this, but I did get a thumbs up from the consultant I hired.