Format of PS on AACOM application

I just entered my PS on the AACOM application, printed it for a check - and low and behold, I got one long paragraph! What's up with that? Will the paragraphs be printed correctly prior to AACOM sending it out?
Another question about format. My PS came in under the 3000 character limit, but when I tried to paste it in (after first saving it as a text document), the system told me I was over the 3000 limit. I delected the indents at the beginning of each paragraph, and now I'm okay. Do you think a PS without the normal indents for each paragraph is acceptable, or should I try to cut yet more words out?

I've heard alot of people saying their PS looked like one big paragraph. I've also heard a few others say that when they've seen it as presented to the schools, it doesn't look like one big paragraph. I can't say from experience what's going on though, just what I've heard.

I've heard that when the app. is submitted to schools, everything will appear as you originally typed it.

Yes, it comes out as one big paragraph. The character count includes spaces, which accounts for the difference of fit.
I have not heard how the essays appear this year to adcoms when they get our applications, however when I interviewed last year, my med school dean commented on my essay. I could see it on her deskā€¦it was one long paragraph.
Good luck!