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Hi everyone,
I wish this resource was around when I was going through! I posted a little bit on SDN but wanted to offer encouragement to everyone on their journey out there. I recently did a small article on linkedin that has some general tips. Happy to help any way I can.

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Thank you so much for your post! I read the article and your 10 tips and found them to be very inspiring. I am looking to apply for a second time to medical school and your post gave me hope that my journey is unique and has positives of its own. I really liked your tips and how you made it a priority to still live life while in school. I feel like so often people say that you have to choose one or another, so it’s encouraging to know that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. I recently posted on the forum about the specifics of my situation (“Already Applied Once Several Years Ago, Applying Again - Please Help”) and would love your feedback if you have a minute. Thanks again!