Free...yes free MCAT passages to practice on

As a medical student and premed tutor, I wanted to develop a site that would allow students to review practice passages for free. This is not a place to learn new material (yet), but more of a place to gauge where you are and what you need to focus on as you study.

As of now, there are over 10 practice passages for each section and a full length practice test for everyone to work on.

As always, please leave feedback on my website if you would like me to focus on anything particular.

Good luck studying!

great…it is such a valuable pool of information

thanks alot for your effort.

Wow - wish this was around when I was preparing! Great site and awesome effort.

I looked at the website, thanks for putting this together, really nice work.

But where can I find answers to verbal passages? Do they exist or am I just not noticing them?