From nurse to pursuing medicine

Hello everyone! Been part of this community for quite a while and excited to finally begin this journey. Look forward to the responses.

A little bit about me,
I’m currently a surgical trauma ICU nurse with a year of experience at a level 1 trauma center teaching hospital. From my experiences since I began working as a nurse, I realized that medicine is my passion and what I should’ve been pursuing all along.

The seed of pursuing medicine began in nursing school when I was in my adult rotation on the surgical trauma ICU. During the rotation I got to witness a patient get emergently taken to the OR where a surgical intervention was performed in order to stabilizing the patient and saving their life. After witnessing such a controlled chaotic event, I was emotionaly moved in such a way that the thought of pursuing medicine was born. But as time went on I had a lot of self doubt and always shot down the idea because I felt I wasn’t smart enough to follow the path of medicine. So I kept on with my nursing education and landed a position on the same exact unit after school. Now that a year has passed since I started I have finally found the motivation to begin this journey and follow through with it. So here are my questions that can hopefully be answered.

1.) My nursing school had a Medical school associated with it and my nursing GPA wasn’t so great due to personal problems at the time. The nursing GPA was a 3.2 however my overall GPA was a 3.65. Will the ADCOMS
Question that if I didn’t do stellar in the schools nursing program that I also won’t be able to handle the medical school program?

2.) My only extra curricular activities are within the nursing committees within the teaching hospital that the medical school and my previous nursing school are tied to which I am heavily involved in. Will it count even though it’s nursing focused?

3.) Do my work hours as a nurse count as clinical patient experience that I can put in the application when the time comes?

4.) I am currently taking my pre-requisites at a local community college and then potential transferring to a university to take my biochem course. Will the ADCOM view that I took a majority of my pre-requisites at a community college Negatively?

I still have a year and a half of pre-requisites left. If anyone has advice to share it would be much appreciated. There’s also a lot more to my story but I wanted to keep it short and sweet so y’all could get the idea of my situation.

Thank you!- ODST (M/22 y.o)