From Physics Tears to....

Physics Cheers!!! Finished up my summer physics class on Thursday. Grades were posted over the weekend and I got a solid A! I’m so thrilled. From tears the first week to pulling off an A. I’m so darn satisfied with myself!

Thanks to everyone for all your tips. I did employ some of them and they helped! I feel I have a good foundation now for the “more intense” (this summer class was pretty intense itself) two semesters of premed physics with labs, but if I hit a roadblock or freak out I can recall how I managed to pull it together in this class.

Med school feels just that much closer and that much more possible now.

Well done! Hopefully when you hit a bump or two in the road ahead you can look back on this experience and gain confidence!

I am SO excited and proud for you! Really…celebrating alongside you today as I read this! What a victory!




Thanks everyone! I’m so darn proud of myself!