Frustration / MCAT Advice Needed

Well I have began the process of studying for the MCAT. I had signed up for the Kaplan course and went to the first class and then was hindered with the flu for the last week and a half so am already well behind.

As I am reading through the Kaplan Physical Sciences Review Book material, I am finding myself getting frustrated because Kaplan doesn’t always explain things very well but rather assumes some knowledge. I worked full-time during my pre-med courses and although I did very well in them, I am definitely lacking in some of this knowledge for one reason or another. I have Audio Osmosis and the EK books and am wondering if I should use the EK material for more thorough explanations and than use the Kaplan stuff as supplemental, i.e. the on-line practice tests and in-person full length exams.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I used the audio osmosis in conjunction with the kaplan material. I listened to the CDs that pertained to the lecture that I just had. It is a good supplement. Try it.

Relax. It will be fine.