Full time job + need to take pre-reqs (community college vs 4-yr university?)

TLDR: I’m working full-time and need to take pre-req courses. Need recommendations on how to get through lectures and labs during work hours at a 4-yr institution OR advice on the impact of intro pre-reqs at a community college in admissions process


I am new to this forum, so I want to seek advice regarding my situation.

I graduated May 2019 in engineering from a respectable public university (UT Austin). Since August 2019, I started full-time for almost a 1.5 years at a non-healthare company in Houston. However, I have decided that I want to pursue my dream as a physician, which I had given up on in the past because I thought my GPA was too low. Ever since I made this decision, I have been researching what steps to take to accomplish this goal. I don’t want to quit my job and lose my source of income, so I decided that I would do my medical school pre-reqs while working full-time.

I’ve run into the problem of class and labs times during work hours at University of Houston (UH), and an advisor suggested I also look into doing the introductory courses (bio+labs, ochem+labs, gen chem labs because my degree did not require labs, english) at a community college. I think the hardest challenge is the lab times. However, I have heard that doing classes at a community college is a red flag to admissions, and I don’t want to hurt my chances since I am already at a disadvantage GPA-wise. My current overall GPA/BCPM GPA are 3.37/3.54, but I am confident that I can raise it to 3.52/3.80 once I am finished with my pre-reqs. For a more well-rounded understanding, I will be obtaining clinical experience to solidify whether this is the path I truly want to go down and studying to score a competitive MCAT. Of course, this is all speculative until I actually take the MCAT and my pre-reqs, which brings me to my questions (1)where should I do my pre-reqs? (2) does anyone else have experience with working full time and arranging lectures and labs around work hours?

Thank you for any input!! I really appreciate the help!

I am not sure how medical schools view community college courses vs. university courses but I am taking my prerequisites (minus biochemistry) at a community college. I chose the community college route because it was the only place I could find evening classes and labs that work with work schedule (full time, not in healthcare) and it is closer to my location than the universities.

Hope this helps!