Full time school and work - don't do it!

Hi everyone,

Wanted to post that I learned a good lesson this past spring semester…working full time and full time student is too much! This was my worst semester ever, (3.575 GPA). Took a B+ in biology, and it hurts considering it really wasn’t that hard.

Anyways…slow and steady wins the race. Doing a summer school class and then only two in the fall. Overall gpa still at 3.7, but science gpa is only at 3.3. Really need to bring it up. I went back to school for the first time at 28 for BA and doing pre-med course work at the same time. It’s not that easy!

Good luck everyone!

Yep take your time and good grades will follow. Although the “B” is not bad. Good luck!

I agree … I was working fulltime too and missed an “A” in Gen Chem 1 by only two points. I am now going fulltime to school.

Found that out. Typically I could work part time, 3 little ones and school. Well, my work made it impossible to cut down to part time and I couldn’t pull it off. What a tough lesson to learn. I should have gone with my gut instinct and the advice of others and just took the quarter off until my airline decided if it was going to allow flexability back. Now, I just have one awful quarter to explain. Sigh!