Fun Courses

I have some room in my schedule to take an additional class or two over the next few semesters to get me to full time enrollment.

Was thinking of something in the pharmacy department such as Orientation to Pharmacy, Health Sciences Terminology, Non-Prescription Medications and Self-Care: Treating Minor Conditions, or Common Prescription Drugs and Diseases. I’m already registered for an upper division history of medicine class.

Below is my planned course load and it “feels” light. Thoughts?


gchem 2


Fall 2009:

ochem 1

physics 1

biology 1

history of med (UD credit; writing intensive)

Spring 2010:

ochem 2

physics 2


MCAT PREP (obviously not for credit but I’m scheduling it into my planning as a 5 cr class)

Summer 2010:


Fall 2010:

ochem lab


Spring 2011:

Summer 2011:

med school

I took undergraduate biochem during my glide year and was glad I had done it when I was in biochem in med school. Also, there was a course in human cadaver upper extremity dissection that I did that was a blast. Anatomy and phys is always helpful for the same reason biochem was.

If that’s light I’m microscopic. I only have the time in my schedule for 2 courses a semester right now.

Fall 09

Orgo I


Spring 10

Orgo II


Spring/Summer 10

MCAT (I am told I start to apply here too)

Fall 10

Physics I

Biochem if available

Spring 11

Physics II

Not sure what’s available here but I’ll take something

Fall 11

Med school FTW!


Have you talked to anyone about the physics AFTER MCAT theory? Given that physics is such a substantial part of the test, I’m making sure both semesters of physics are taken prior to the MCAT.

I have to agree with jkp here, Susan. The Kaplan and EK MCAT stuff I’ve looked over has a ton of Newtonian physics (Phys I) and electrical circuit (Phys II) problems.

Hmm, point taken. I may have the timing off. My advisor suggested breaking physics and orgo up, and taking the MCAT next year. I was going to attempt them both, but being I need to learn trig before I take physics, I need the extra year. Are you suggesting I hold off on the MCAT and push my apps up a year?

Well, that may or may not be the case. I’m really not sure. So I suppose I don’t have a formal ‘suggestion’ for you, except to do some more research about what you’ll need for the MCAT. ng/creati…

As I took it today, I’ll speak to what I saw on my test only, but the test I took was calculation light, mostly chemistry questions, and did not come close to taxing the knowledge base from the EK physics review. That being said, you never know what will be on the next one. Good Luck,…Jaysun

So, back to my original question:

What other courses did people take? I’ve got biochem and micro scheduled into my semester pre-MCAT and glide year respectively (yes, toes and knees, that was for you), but I’m wondering if anyone took things like history of med, or pharmacy, medical terminology, nutrition ugrad classes.

As you all know, the sequencing of courses leaves me only a set load but I would like to be at the 15 - 17 mark this fall.


Well, being our college has Kaplan come in to do practice exams, perhaps I should do the practice runs and see what I think from there.

But 15 credits jkp? Have you thought about genetics? My brain is pulling a blank at other courses you haven’t already listed.

I actually took a course in Latin and Greek as the Basis of the English Language. A lot of it was just basic stuff, but we did a full section on it as the basis of medical terminology. That was very helpful!

I took a course in Fantasy Literature - no, not the Hustler mag kind - but Tolkein, Stoker, Shelley and that genre. It was superb!

Time invested in education is NEVER time wasted.

Take your time and enjoy this opportunity that so many would die for and you have been blessed with.