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Good evening folks, just wondering if any OldPremeds have any information regarding Morehouse or Emory? Thanx! :)

Hi there,
I am going to share with you what I know specifically about Emory and Morehouse. First, I have a very close friend who attended Emory. He is the top ENT surgeon for the Navy in Europe. He is Africian-American and had a Navy scholarship and residency (Bethesda Naval Hospital).The school is a top performer in every sense of the word. The student body is fairly diverse,the faculty is outstanding, and the clinical experiences are excellent. This having been said, Emory attracts a fairly high percentage of very competitive individuals.(Overall GPA: 3.75 Mean
Biology/chemistry/physics/math GPA: 3.74 Mean
Mean MCATs: VR:10.1; PS:10.8; WS:P, BS:10.8)
My friend was no exception to being highly competive. (He was AOA and graduated at the top of his class) If competition is a problem, steer clear of Emory. You should have no problems getting into residency or with Board exams if you master the curriculum at Emory.
Morehouse School of Medicine is one of four medical schools affiliated with Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the United States (Morehouse, Howard, Meharry and Drew). It has a great legacy of training African-American physicians and also has a diverse student body with very large percentage of students who are of African or African-American descent(Read: if you are Latino, Asian, or Caucasian, you need to be able to thrive in an Afrocentric cultural environment). The atmosphere around Morehouse is not as competitive as Emory but this medical school trains outstanding physicians who get into excellent post-graduate residencies. Clinical departments are strong with good and dedicated faculty. Again, if you do well at Morehouse and have good USMLE scores, you should have no problem getting into a good residency.
While Emory is constantly rated in the Top 20 among medical schools in the US News and World Report rankings and in the Gourman rankings and Morehouse is generally ranked lower, you have to keep in mind that your medical education is largely under your control. You should attend the medical school that you like best and that accepts you.
I believe both schools are excellent in providing education and training for medical students. Emory tends to have more research and more of a national reputation but Morehouse tends to have more tradition and legacy. Both are located in urban Atlanta and students from each medical college cross paths in the clinical affiliates located there. I would not hesitate to attend either of these medical schools. Good luck, you can't lose with either of these schools.