Gaining clinical experience while working as a professional


I am wrapping up my post-bacc and am beginning to free up time this year for clinical experience outside of my routine of 40+ hours of professional work/9+ credits of class work (plus home reno in between :scream:) before applying ā€˜23/24.

What is the best way to go about gaining clinical exp ? Does it matter which type I choose? My main concern is that I earned a first responder license years ago through my employer but had to let it expire after moving (while beginning post bacc) and it not transferring across states and not being supported in my previous one for renewal. Does this mean I need to take the equivalent of a semester to become an EMT? Iā€™d love to get the training, but it will eat away time through May this year I could have been volunteering at hospice, shadowing, Ned assisting, etc. Is it best to just hammer away at a clinical exp other than EMT now through my application and beyond?