Geezz.. TMDSAS

I'm sure it's the same for all the application processes, but this thing is taking me forever.
I spent about 3 hours today JUST on entering in my transcripts. I didn't realize I had accumulated over 420 credit hours over the years. Well, at least that section is completed now.

420 credit hours??? holy cow! tongue.gif
I thought I had a lot just 'cus I have a degree plus post bacc work. I bow before your obvious educational superiority! wink.gif
Hey, maybe we’ll see each other on the interview circuit. I’m a Texan too.
I hear you on TMDAS. IT’s worse than AMCAS. Do you know how to print out the application to check your entries, spelling, etc? AMCAS has a format that is only 15 pages, but I can’t figure it out with Tejas.
Good luck,
BTW, I see your posts on SDN, nice to know I’m not the only OPM prowling around!

I don’t know how to print anything yet. I think you’ll be able to do that after you hit “submit.” But, what I’ve noticed is, let’s say you go over on your personal essay limit, you won’t know, and then you just “save.” Then, if you reclick on it, it’ll load back up, and you’ll see it just cut you off in mid sentence, and you’ll see how it’ll look (probably) when it’s going to be printed.
I hope those directions make some sense. Just make sure everythings perfect before clicking “submit.” And think it becomes a real pain to make changes then.

Ok, I hate to be the old guy who grips and says “remember when”, but…
When I applied (2001) AMCAS had just gone to the new electronic format. It was totally hosed up, but there was no other option. It took me 100 hours to enter my transcripts. TMDSAS was about a million times better!
Now, I know it’s frustrating, but I just had to one-up you there. smile.gif Of course, the “name everything you’ve done since high school” portion is quite challenging for us OPM’s!
Good luck you guys. Missed you last night Theresa!

spacecadet is right. As painful as TMDSAS is, AMCAS 2001 was an absolute disaster. The server kept crashing and was incredibly slow. Finally ,most schools made the applicants print out the application and mail it to them.

Well, thankfully everything is finished with the exception of 1. Personal essay, 2. Special considerations statement.
As soon as those puppies are finalized, I'll be thankful to hit the submit. I guess it kinda doesn't matter too much for me though, I'm taking the august mcat. But, just nice to have one more thing completed.

While TMDSAS IS getting better it would be SO nice if they could do what AMCAS does with transcripts for reapplicants and fill in the data that you had used before. That way all you would have to do is add new stuff saving countless hours.

I just completed entering my transcripts in TMDSAS and AMCAS and thought it took me forever with a total of 210 hours…and I don't even have a Masters completed!! That can't even compare to 400+ hours.
Is your head abnormally large with all that knowledge crammed in??
I hope adcoms will look more favorably at the recent performance rather than my drunken partying days of undergrad. I am probably one of the few applicants with a science GPA 0.4 higher than my all other GPA. Having engineering as a undergrad major didnt help my all other GPA too much.
Good luck all of you Texan OPM's. Maybe I will meet some of you on the interview circuit, assuming I get some!!!
Plano, TX

…and I thought I had a time entering my 200+ hours. WOW! ohmy.gif I thought the AMCAS was fairly easy, except entering the credits, but I have reserved a whole day to sit in my hubby’s office, uninterrupted and at network speed to fill out the TMDSAS. I’m wondering now, if that will be enough time. <!–emo&<_dry.gif Well, if not, I’ll just have to submit it later, it’ll be later anyway, with my $$$ situation. Can’t afford to submit it, plus have to submit the MCAT fee for August. ARGH!
Richardson, TX