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I am intending on applying to the Med School in the US. Here are my strengths but am still not sure whether i am competitive compared to the prospective applicants who are either US citizens or permanent residents.


  1. I have done my undergraduate from outside the US (in Asia) with an Honors in Chemistry (Physics and Mathematics being the qualifying subjects with laboratories). Currently i am 30 years old.

  2. My Masters’ degree is in Life Science from US (Behavioral Neurosciences), with a first author publication of my research work in one of the high impact journals. GPA was 3.62.

  3. I am currently doing my PhD in Biomedical Research in a Med School, trying to understand the mechanism underlying epliepsy (Neurosciences). However, my goal is to venture into neurosurgery and become a Physician Scientist. Current GPA = 3.5

  4. I had taken my MCAT two years back and my scores were Phy: 9, Bio9,Ver:6 and writing :Q. I am just not able to get beyond 6 in verbal because English is not my first language.

  5. I have presented my research work in a couple of International meetings both in the US and outside.

    6)I am the Vice President of the Council for Biomedical Graduate Students.

    With all these credentials in hand, do you think i stand any chance of entering Medical School, considering that i am an international student. Everybody i have spoken have provided me with a very grim picture bcoz i am a non-resident alien trying to make a career medicine.

    I will be applying for my permanent residentship in the US but it might take a while before that happens.

    Please guide me. I am doing whatever i can do make my application as strong as possible.

    Major Weakness: I am an international student.

    Do you think American Medical Schools will entertain applications from international students like me who can demonstrate intellectual curosity and the burning desire to help the humanity by being a Neurosurgeon.


Have you checked out DO programs in the US? They tend to be more forgiving of lower scores than are MD schools? The catch, however, is that I’m not sure how well DO grads are represented amongst neurosurgeons. Perhaps others on this forum who are in DO school or are graduates could better comment on this.

Good luck!

In order to be considered for many US medical schools you must either be a US citizen or permanent resident. Before you do anything, check with each school you are interested in.

I’ll respond to just one part of your post…

This year’s MSAR page 27 makes mention of about 290 non-residents having been accepted to the class of 2012. So it’s not unheard of. However, there are several constraints – at a minimum you’ll need pre-reqs completed from a US institution, and may need to show finances worth one or more years of tuition + expenses. If you are on the path to PR status, I feel it would be better to apply after you gain that status.

Link on International Students from NAAHP

Hi, I am a first year DO student at PCOM. I have a M.S. in Biochemistry from India. I was able to get into 4 DO schools in the U.S. My international degree was not an issue at these schools; my verbal score in the MCAT was 8. I am quite certain that you have to be a permanent resident or U.S. citizen to apply to most schools. Hope this helps! Good luck.

  • gabelerman Said:
In order to be considered for many US medical schools you must either be a US citizen or permanent resident. Before you do anything, check with each school you are interested in.

Yes, it's better to check on the schools and requirements first.

There are schools who accept international students, I hope you can find one.

Eric Deko