General MCAT question

Does anyone know if a poor MCAT score this year will hurt my chances of getting in next year with a better score? I have only studied for 5 weeks and on my practice test I received a 27. I know if I spent more time I would receive a much better score but would like to go ahead and take the test on the 25th to see if I can pull a good enough score to get in for next year’s class. If If I don’t get a good enough score will it make my application less desirable for the next go around?

Rule of thumb. Take the MCAT when you are ready. It is not a test you want to take more than once if you do not have to. If you feel that you will not be ready, my advice, put it off until you are.

Only take the MCAT when you are ready for the MCAT. The exam - and the entire application process - are not the kind of things you want to hurry, and certainly not the kind of things that you want to go through more than once if you can avoid it.

So the first question - even if I may know the answer already - is what’s the hurry?

Now, some folks do just fine on a week or 5 of study - my roommate this year was like that. But that’s what worked for him. You’ve gotta figure out what will work for you. Good luck with it, whatever you do