Geometry for pre-med

HI Everyone,

I am brushing up my math skills and am wondering if geometry or applied geometry are recommended classes? I took geometry in 10th grade, a long time ago, and did not really understand it. Thanks for your help.


The only geometry I have since my own high school math was a very tiny bit in pre-calc before taking physics.

For me, the most important math classes have been:




emphasis on algebra

I read that there is some algebra on MCAT. I would take that over geometry.

You should brush up on your geometry and trigonometry. You’ll need to know both in general chemistry and in physics (more so in physics, though).

If you can’t handle algebra, both chemistry and physics will be arduous.

HI Everyone. Thanks so much for the info. I will continue focusing on algebra as I am taking chemistry in the Spring and will work on trig/geometry before physics. This gives me a little time.


I am in intro to chemistry and my algebra skills are lacking. Yes it feels arduous and about did me in on my first test. I would definitely brush up on the algebra. It will then make your chemistry class feel like a breeze.

You’ll need Geometry for Physics - sin, cos, tan etc.

  • Me Said:
You'll need Geometry for Physics - sin, cos, tan etc.

That's trig, not geometry.

Perhaps get a GRE or other test review book–it gives you the “take home” message from HS math. You do not need, chapter for chapter, what a “geometry” class covers, but you must understand the gestalt to do OK in even the easier physics.

Take a look at trig functions, “special triangles” (45-45-90, 30-60-90), and the unit circle.


  • samcooke Said:
but you _must_ understand the gestalt to do OK in even the easier physics. sc

I'm not sure what gestalt is but I know I must not have needed it for my "easiest" physics.

I only needed sin/cos/tan and the inverse of that to do well in physics... oh, and that algebra thing.