Getting Started

I’m brand new to this group, but after lurking here for a few days, I decided to give it a go. I graduated with aBS in Biology back in '93 with the intent of going to Med School. It never materialized. I don’t think the grades, drive, or maturity to prioritize my goals were there. My undergrad gpa was a dissapointing 2.88. Two years later, I enrolled and completed a certificate program in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (medical technology) at GWU with a 3.75 gpa. This was a great experience clinically.I went through the various departments in the lab (hematology, chemistry, blood bank, micro,urinalysis, etc.) rotating in them for about 6 weeks each during the course of a year. After passing the boards, the plan was to apply to med school afterwards while the momentum and grades were there. Never happened. I ended up working in lab, having kids, staying home for 6 years, then finally going back to the lab. I currently work in a hospital lab performing hematology analysis for in and outpatients. In the beginning, I thought it was enough to be contributing some clinical expertise, but not making any actual connection with our patients. Although I love the practice and the science of hematology, I am finding it to be not enough. Although being an MT is fine, I find it very limiting in the sense that beyond providing laboratory information, there isn’t much else you can do. At the age of 40, I am entertaining the thought of giving med school one last shot. I read some of the inspiring stories here and was amazed/humbled at what some of you have accomplished. I need some advice about post baccs and applying to schools inthe DC area.

Hi, barberry.

I can’t offer any advice on DC programs, but I did want to say “Welcome” and wish you much success in the journey!

Thanks for the support. Can anyone give some advice on structuring a post bac program on your own? Should you just go for the BIOPM classes or higher level. Since my undergraduate degree is in Bio (93) and I work daily as a hematologist in the lab, should the basic retake of the prereqs with a good MCAT(30+) be enough? Any insight is appreciated.

The following links should be helpful:……

Thanks for the help. Does anyone have any experience appling to Howard Medical School? I have heard that having an interest in primary care for the underserved is important as an applicant there. I have read some of the other sites chatter from the younger applicants about the pros and cons, but not from any older nontrads. Is it because they are not open to educating an older student, or are older students just not interested in applying?

Howard is most open to training older students of ALL the schools in metro DC, if you’re judging that by the number of non-traditonal students they have enrolled. I’d say that Hopkins and Georgetown are the least “open” to non trads over 35 although I think both are good options for completing prereqs.

Thanks for the info. It’s good to hear that they (Howard) are open to non trads as my options for medical school are limited to the DC area. I know a couple of co-workers who went through their pharmacy and dental schools, but no medical students. Thanks again for the info.