Good MCAT books, need help

what are some good MCAT books…

  1. Kaplan New MCAT Practice Tests (Kaplan Mcat Practice Tests)

  2. Barron’s New MCAT, 2007 (Barron’s How to Prepare for the New Medical College Admission Test Mcat)

  3. Princeton MCAT Review

  4. Examkcaker books

    Which MCAT books are good and which ones are bad? Which books did you use? Stating the pros and cons of each book will help me.

    Also, could you tell me the guideline in how you studied for the MCAT (like 3 months, used exackrackers, etc- this was just an example)


Going through EK and Kaplan material right now, I feel that the EK is better presented. I’ll have some more details for you in about 2 months ;).

I used EK and liked the concise presentation and prioritization of what you had to memorize. I used their published 10-week study schedule and took practice tests according to the schedule. I could have used more focused, chapter-based practice questions in the books (as opposed to MCAT practice exams) had I had time for them, but you can buy separate EK books for that if you have time to use them.