Good Neuro book?

Hey everyone,
Can anyone recommend a good review book for Neuro? I already have Ridiculously Simple, but I’m looking for something with stuff more in outline/table format.
Someone at school recommened High Yield. Any seconds for that one? Got another favorite?
Thanks a bunch!

Seconded. I hate Neuro and at least I don’t have to lug the 3973 page tome Complete Clinical Neuroanatomy for the completely Reclussive to school. Anyway. I like the short, brief outline designed books. I also got Netter’s Neuroanatomy and Spacey…I highly…I mean HIGHLY recommend it. It covered everything you’ll go thru and some of it is better in spacial orientation than any notes you’re going to get. Quasi-3D stuff.
Get it…NOW.

Hey Joe!
So where can I find “Complete Clinical Neuroanatomy for the completely Reclussive”? It sounds great! JK!
So, are you recommending High Yield? Or Netter’s? Or Spacey (which I can’t find, by the way - got a title)? I can DEFINITELY use something that will help with 3D visualization. I really appreciate your help!

Hi there,
I discovered a book called “Neurology and Neurosurgery: In the Same Book” which had almost everything in short diagram. I used this book through fourth year Neurology and Neurosurgery. I found later that the Neurosurgery residents at UVA are very fond of this book beacause it is so complete and well-organized.