Good online resources for sciences?

Hello, everyone, and thanks for making this place a great source of camaraderie and inspiration.

Wanted to ask if anyone has any online resources they like to use/know of for science courses, specifically genetics or organic chemistry? My books & my professors leave a LOT to be desired and I need all the help I can get!


Consider MIT’s Open CourseWare. Another great resource, one that I wish I had thought of when I was taking my pre-requisites, are any decent MCAT preparation course; their distillation of the basics in, say organic chemistry, tend to be excellent, even if they are not comprehensive.

Khan academy is good too!

As for books, for Orgo Fesseden and Fesseden with answer booklet is superb IMHO, and the Lewin book Genes is great for genetics.

Yes, PathDr2B, I forgot about those. It has been a while since I did the pre-reqs; perhaps I should have revisited them for my upper division science work.

Thanks so much, guys!

I’ve used Khan academy quite a bit already, it’s great. Anybody reading this thread do not hesitate to check that site out.

I appreciate the help and will get to looking up the other resources. Thanks again.

For Organic Chemistry, one of my group members found this:…

It is a great interactive resource from Michigan State University.