GPA calculation question

Hi everyone,

I went back to school for the first time since highschool back in 06, working to do BA and pre-med reqs. After being out of school for 10 years, I had to start at the beginning with math. It was tough to work FT and be new to school…long story short all of my math (up through Calc I) I have B’s. Pulled A’s in the bio stuff so far, but I am only sitting at a 3.2 right now for science GPA, (3.7 for overall). I still have many pre-reqs to go, but it appears I need to get all A’s in order to break a 3.5. This feels overwhelming and like a ton of pressure! I read that med schools make initial cuts on applications based on GPA…do you know if it’s overall or science? Any one else been in this situation? I am proud of my 3.7, but those math scores really pulled me down.

From what I understand they look at both. In addition, your MCAT is the deciding factor on a boarder line GPA. I know of one person who was accepted to a DO school in OK with a 3.3 Science GPA, 3.5 Total, and a 27 MCAT.

Speaking of that, I have an MBA and my GPA is not great (3.5 or 3.6). Are they going to take this into account? Since the MBA is not needed, does it count? I am asking because unfortunately it doesn’t count toward any requirements to apply.