GPA Question..

I know this question has been asked a million times before, but now that I am heading into the cycle it's more relevant to me (it's ALL about me Baby!) Anyhow, here goes:
Got a Sr year science GPA of 3.67
Got a Post bacc science GPA of 3.59
But, because of a lame freshman year (1.33) TEN years ago, the grand total is 3.15
Before I drop 1/2 a grand on the application, would anyone like to chime in on the odds?
Luv you guys, sniff!

P.S. the 3.15 is for science only. The bottom line is 3.5 all said and done.

If you’ve come this far…
Do well on the MCAT. Make your primary application perfect; secondaries should also be “perfect” (i.e. proofread, have someone else proofread, read it out loud to yourself, etc)… AND then send FedEx or online within a few days. If you can turn your secondaries around pronto (i.e. < 24 - 48 hrs), that’s good. In your essay you can show something about the maturity you’ve gained, the long road from then to now, etc. No guarantee of course but your stats are still in the running if you pick your schools well.
There are books with med school averages…they are averages, so if a school states a 3.5 average you know they admitted several someones with lower than that average GPAs. Check the science averages too. (The MSAR has some of the averages; Barrons and Princeton Review also publishes med school guide books).
Good luck!

Realize that the above reply was not proofread! biggrin.gif

I’ll go out on a limb and say “yes, apply!” I know how competitve the process is, but some of the med schools have got to see that your GPA is being pulled down by one bad year. Might be something you want to refer to in your PS. Don’t explain or excuse too much, just state the facts and point to the great job you’ve done since then.
As for school stats, while a particular school may have a GPA avg of say, 3.72, that obviously can’t mean they don’t accept anyone under that score. For every 3.9, there will be a 3.5, or thereabouts. Don’t psych yourself out. I understand how you feel, I’m in a similar situation applying this year. I’m not stellar (undergrad 3.5, sci ~3.7) but I’m not out either!
Good luck!