GPA repair.. and the dreaded community college

Hello… I need some advice.

As an undergrad, I ended up with a 2.74 with an AWESOME upward trend. 3.94 over the last 79 credits. I finally got serious, but the damage is done. I am going to take the next 2 years plus summers to do a second degree to repair my GPA full-time. (I am 33, the damage was done in 1994-1996… the upward trend occurred in 2004-2006 BS Finance & Economics)I finally have the confidence/support to move forward and pursue a career in medicine. In taking 81 credits, I will raise my GPA to 3.15.

Now my questions are

  1. Should I repeat the following to raise my GPA for DO consideration:

    (F)ENSC101 - Intro to Environmental Science

    (D)MATH110 -Excusrsions in Math - Logic/reasoning class

    (F)PHIL101 - Intro to Philosphy

    (F)POSC101 - American National Government

    (D)BHS103- Social Problems in Today’s World

    If I repeat these classes, do they have to be done at the VERY expensive private school that they were taken at originally? Or can I try to find comperable classes either at the SUNY school I am attending or the local CC? This will bring me up to about a 3.74 (assuming I continue on my path of 3.9-4.0)

  2. Should I also consider taking on an extra class here and there at the community college (NON-SCI) to try and boost it a few tenths of a point… or is that just considered fluffing up my app at this point.

  3. With a strong app otherwise, is a 3.14 TOTALLY out of the question for NY MD schools. Geographically New York Medical College would be AMAZING.

    Thanks for your help and thoughts, I REALLY appreciate it.

I would ask why not attend a four-year institute? This would show a serious devotion on your part. Also that you can handle and exceed at a four year school.

I am not trying to rain on your parade. I am pretty confident that others will ask the same of you as well. Even if for financial or any other reason, take one or two classes to get your feet wet, I would just recommend doing it, in whatever way possible at a four year versus a two…

I am very happy for you that you are now at a place that you can move forward and pursue your ambitions of medicine, but take some time, when your able, and read the forums here. There are many countless threads about the community college and the four year institute.

Welcome to old premeds, and I hope you find this to be a wealth of information and an invaluable resource to use!

Thanks Maddux… I hit post before I was done on accident. I have since edited the original post.

I am taking all the second degree requirements (Bio major, minor Math) at SUNY College at New Paltz which is a 4 year institution. I was wondering if I should take the repeats at the local cc and add a few more classes during the summer at the CC to boost my GPA. Is it that big of a deal if the classes are not BCPM classes? I can probably squeeze in a few extra classes during the summers since New Paltz offers little to NO summer science classes during that time. So far the only thing applicable is Calc 1& 2 which I plan to take. Calc 1 is a repeat for me as well I got a C 15 years ago.

Again thanks for the quick reply I totally appreciate it!

No problem at all…Were all here to help one another. I would, in my own personal opinion, rather take the classes at the four year school.

The reason being is that you have shown an upward trend, and are trying to overcome a less than stellar GPA. By taking those classes at the four year school you would be showing a stronger trend in your GPA. The CC’s are great for economical reasons, but your wanting to get into medical shcool.

So the medical school will see your upward trend, but you want them to see that you had taken those classes at their highest offering. The adcoms are not ignorant, and they know people could (stereotype?) take a load of classes at a CC just to boost their GPA’s, does this make sense?

Seriously take this into consideration, and also search the forums on this “hot” topic. There are many points of views on this…But I believe this is the accepted point of view…

I think Maddux is right on here. It’s almost a given that you need to demonstrate academic management and performance at the university level. My GPA was a bit above average, but I finished strong, on the Deans list - but after 15 years, it doesn’t matter anymore. I must carry a full load at the university level and demonstrate the academics in the life sciences.

I could be wrong, but the CC GPA is disgarded by the University, the only thing that transfers are the credits, I don’t think you are gaining much by retaking those courses.

Hi GinaMarie119. Congrats on getting yourself on the premed path! As an undergrad years ago, I lacked maturity/focus as a freshman, but got a lot more serious as a sophomore forward. I think/hope your recent GPA improvements will be in your favor. For me, CC would be much more convenient and less expensive… but my local large university seems to have more pre-med focused classes as well as a very useful pre-health professions office. I’m thinking MCAT more than GPA at this point, aside from hoping for a high Post-Bacc GPA.

I also recently downloaded the AMCAS application information guide (you can find it here ) so that I could recalculate my GPAs using their official method. I had to use a coded spreadsheet to do it properly! Upon recalculation by the AMCAS standard, my UGPA dropped from my official college-calculated UGPA. It seems that the main reason was that AMCAS does not permit “retakes” to be used as substitutions for previously earned grades. All standard letter grades are counted even if you aced a course upon retaking it. Not a fun realization, but true. Also my BCPM mean dropped as well because a few courses I considered to be in that category appear not to be included by AMCAS. It’s rather complicated if you have many courses in various departments! At least they do create a distinct Poss-Bacc GPA so those who do well will surely (hopefully!) be recognized for those accomplishments.

My plan is to work hard at a university, enrolling in their post-bacc program eventually. Hope this info helps. Best of luck!