Grades are up

First semester is over!! For that I am thrilled. I scored an A in Chemistry 105 :slight_smile: and a B+ in Biology :frowning: I am so disappointed in my Biology score I was 20 points way which is not even close.

I want to thank everyone on here for their posts… there have been days this semester when I was plagued with self doubt and the only thing that encouraged me was getting on this forum. Thank you!

Now I am off to a months break only to get back to the grind for summer session II.


Be very proud of your scores. Keep up the great academic work…Every semester is one step you are closer! Cheers to you!

Congrats! Keep up the good work.

Mazel tov!

Hey physio, at least you have a B+, many schools will give you a A or a B which means either a 4.0 or a 3.0, no middle ground.

Both are good grades…congratulations.

I got a B in BiologY! And I’m excited about that…I was scared about the final…I could have either killed myself and gotten a C or worse and dragged my whole grade down or could have gotten a B overall in the course…and I pulled off the B…I know it’s not the incredible edible A, but the best I could get was a B in this course and I got the B! So I’m happy. Ok I would have been wayyy happier with the A but YAY! Now I just need to get my Algebra grade which I’m sure is an A or B! Let’s hope for an A…and I saw my GPA go up! From 2.37 to 2.4! I know it’s only .03 but I love to see it go up!