Grades As A Non-Degree Student

I graduated school with a degree in biology but due to low grades I will be retaking most of the med school prerequisites as a non degree student at a local school. I will be doing a DIY post-bacc. How are grades as a non degree student factored into the med school application? Are all the grades calculated together?

The answer is to both your questions is yes:

Your original UG and Post-Bacc GPA will be calculated separately and will combined into an overall GPA. the link to the AMCAS doc is below it may not download correctly.

So I have attached a copy of the document to this post as well as, what appears to be a well thought out spreadsheet to calculate it. 676/data…

Attached files 1362454442-amcas_grade_conversion_guide.pdf (665.7 KB)Â 1362454518-AMCASGPA_Calculator.xls (152 KB)Â