Greetings everyone

ER_Rod here. I had been here in the past but oh so long ago. I think I fit the ‘old’ part of ‘oldpremeds’ a bit more now than I did a few years back while I was just beginning my journey towards a career in medicine. lol. I felt a need to return here for guidance, support, and wisdom, from those of you who are of similar age and position in life. I hope as well that I can provide some guidance to those who are just embarking on this amazing journey towards serving as physicians.

So, a bit about me…I’m 34 and as you can probably guess, work in the ER(as a tech). I am nearing completion of my graduate studies in Biology and will be taking the MCAT for a second time later in the spring. When I’m not focused on my studies and work(pretty much all the time as of late), I like to pick up the guitar and play some old favs and try some new songs from time to time. I also enjoy drawing and painting, both of which has gone a bit to the wayside for some time, and thus decided to dust the cobwebs off by taking an art course this spring. I try to keep an active, healthy lifestyle through cardio and lifting weights(ju-jitsu used to be a wonderful way to stay conditioned, but I grew tired of the neck cranks, not to mention, don’t want to lose feeling in my arms or hands as I age).

Good luck to everyone here. I look forward to the forums and discussions.