Happy i found this forum. Now for the dirty...

I am 33 years old with a BA in Liberal Studies from the University of Oklahoma. I am a veteran of the Air Force and I am currently an Investment Advisor and I completely hate my profession. I feel like a used car saleman. Anyways, I am getting married to the most supportive and understanding woman on earth. We have a 10 month old son and he is just awesome.

I graduated with a 3.03 GPA which I thought was a 3.33, but I was mistaken. I went to Law School for a semester, but I quickly realized that law was not for me. Lately, I can’t get this idea of DO school out of my head. I have 2 cousins that are both at the University of Washington Medical School (1st year and 3rd year) and their accomplishmenst have made me seriously take a look at my life and what I want to achieve.I would need to take nearly all of my science and math prereqs. The local CC has a pre-med program here that would help me knock out most of my prereqs.

Do even have a chance of acceptance? I would apply to PNWU in Yakima Washington. I know that Do schools like non-trads, but I think I have nearly an impossible mountain to climb. I do have military service with deployments to the middle east and 10 years of work and life experience.

Also, I consolidated my school loans and one slipped through the cracks and is in collections. I plan to have this matter resolved very soon, but will have a laon that went into default prohibit me from obtaining school loans in the future?

Any thoughts, opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated. and what does FUD mean? haha

There is no reason you couldn’t go to medical school. Your mountain isn’t impossible to climb. Since PNWU is your first choice, I would talk directly with their admissions office and tell them your story. Ask them what you need to do to be the best candidate for their school, this is their job. It’s never too early to establish relationships with schools you are interested in attending.

Be advised that now thru December, schools are busy interviewing for the 2014 incoming class and may not be able to get back to you very quickly.

Welcome to the journey. Just don’t give into the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).

Hutch -

Welcome to Old Premeds!! Do you even have a chance?? Of course. Some of the doctors on the website started with much worse gpa’s - even after taking all the prereqs. Some schools will not review your application if your gpa is under 3.00. Sounds like if you do well with the prereqs your overall gpa will be higher than the 3.03 it is now, and your science gpa higher than that.

Your military and life experience will be a huge plus when applying. It is important that you do well on MCAT so when you start prepping for that, do not shortchange your preparation. Best of luck to you!